I have 20 years’ experience of facilitating experiential learning based programmes for business organisations. My approach aims at creating a sense of security and confidence through enhanced awareness of self, people and organisational reality. My skill-set includes formal education in & teaching topics like leadership and risk management, a rich experience of working with groups in challenging situations and my understanding of organisational functioning gained through working on programme reviews & certification/accreditation.


  • Facilitating Style:
    • A holistic and creative approach which is at once sensitive to individual participants and is alive to organisation’s L & D goals
    • Use of theoretical concepts pertinent to immediate experiences in order to build linkages with practices
  • Prior professional experience:
    • 8 years: ran an adventure travel company where I also undertook projects for entertainment industry
    • 2000-present: facilitating ‘outbound training programmes’ for corporates (participants across all levels)
    • 13 years: 1-month outdoor leadership courses (two per year) taught to American youth through National Outdoor Leadership School, USA, one assignment of supervising instructors on other courses, a 15-day assignment of reviewing outdoor leadership programme of a highly reputed Himalaya based organisation

My Corporate Career High Points

  • Six skill-building programmes, 2 topics (feedback, coaching) after TNA, with 30-45-60-day follow-up sessions
  • Facilitating learnings on ‘cultural anchors’ through a day’s outdoors-based module in series of 5 programmes
  • Taught outdoor leadership for 3 yrs., 30-day WEMT-semesters in Himalaya, (Aerie Backcountry Med., USA)
  • Led the 1-month ‘Leadership in the Himalayas’ of Pittsburgh Univ., USA (thru Hanifl Centre, Mussoorie)
  • Primary contributor to documentation leading to international accreditation for an outdoor education centre

Beyond Coaching

  • Education: B.Sc. (Phys.) from University of Bombay 1983, MBA (Mktg.) from South Gujarat University 1985
  • Qualified as faculty at National Outdoor Leadership School, USA (2000)
  • Qualified as faculty at Aerie Backcountry Medicine, USA (2013) – assignments involve teaching wilderness first aid on 3/4-day courses and outdoor leadership on 1-month  semesters to American WEMTs
  • Founder Director at  Maha Adventure Council, a section-8 company that does advocacy work
  • Member, Work-Group of Mountaineering Commission of “UIAA International ISO Certification Project
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