CEOs’ Top Challenges

In The Conference Board CEO Challenge®, more than 1,000 respondents indicated that human capital remains their top challenge, with customer relationships rising in importance in the past two years. Also, operational excellence and innovation remain vitally important for driving business growth and ensuring a sustainable future. These challenges, albeit in varying order, were the top challenges in all four regions included in the survey: the United States, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

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Leadership Challenge: IMD Switzerland Perspective

Maintaining effective leadership skills is a key leadership challenge as executives move up the ranks. The leadership skills that served you well as a functional or business unit manager probably won’t be relevant any more once you enter general management. Indeed, this leadership challenge can come as a shock to previously very successful executives promoted to a general manager position!

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India’s Leadership Challenge

Corus acquisition by Tata Steel in 2006 turns out to be a trend setter in many ways. Notwithstanding the recent development which is a separate discussion, it was India’s first major overseas acquisition of that nature and stature. It announced India’s global aspiration in no uncertain terms. While it took 15 years coming after open economy, India Inc has consistently acquired businesses worth $ 6.25 billion per annum globally and invested another $ 500 billion on international expansions since then till 2015.

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